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I am a proud Broadway dancer ready to toss the character shoes and find my frame.

I’m very proud of my former life as a Broadway Dancer - I have played featured roles in several Broadway shows including Ulla in Mel Brooks' THE PRODUCERS, Irene in Susan Stroman’s CRAZY FOR YOU and Z’s Favorite in Tommy Tune’s THE WILL ROGERS FOLLIES. I made my Broadway debut in Peter Allen’s LEGS DIAMOND, and was The Ghost in Kathleen Marshall and Mathew Warchus’s revival of Sondheim's FOLLIES. 

Everyone knows what it feels like to want more, maybe to know that you are not done but only a dancer dies twice.  And I am not ready to  sell everything and grow tomatoes in Maine… Do they even grow tomatoes in Maine?...

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After spending years in the stage arena, I’m excited to explore the part of me that doesn't just speak with her character shoes…

I’m a curious person…


Curious about learning…


Curious about connecting…

with an insatiable desire, in fearless pursuit to figure out the truth.

And curiosity (along with my hard will and determination) has led me down this path to where I have been forced to  ask myself, “Who am I?”.... finding the truth about “ Who I am.”- -


First and foremost, I’m a proud mom of 2.5 kids. They are my TONY awards.   As a person, I am direct, grounded, and resilient. I don’t  give up and I love to make people laugh.

I love playing women who are in charge and/or women who are in a relentless pursuit to be.  And if I can glean anything from what my therapist said years ago - “I’ve got to figure out how to stay ahead of you.” - I’m that woman in a procedural drama who is 10 steps ahead of the men and cracks the case.

After completing the Tom Todoroff Conservatory, I’m entering the on-camera arena, hanging up the character shoes, (for now) and connecting with people in a completely different way. And I couldn't be more ready…

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